Weevil are Tom Betts and Jonny Pilcher

Back in the early 90s there was a wave of bands like New Order, My Bloody Valentine, Moonshake, Bark Psychosis and Seefeel, who embodied true experimentation within their indie guitar sound, mixing effected guitars, samples, beats and dreamy vocals to produce anything from intense soundscapes to danceable pop. This was music with its ears listening to the future. It was an exciting time to be just discovering music. Since then the UK guitar based music scene has generally been backward looking rather than forwards with a afew noteable exceptions. Buthey, this is a different decade.

London based Weevil are one of the bands who have taken on this aesthetic and given it a 2004 workout with writing melody laden songs on real instruments as their main driving force. Weevil have a sound that is very much their own and this includes a wonderful mish mash of acoustic guitars, indie boy vocal harmonies, swirling samples, sampled drum skips, static, cut and paste drums, backwards loops, harmonium, melodica, dub bass, bursts of noisy guitar, found sounds, MBV noisescapes, heavenly piano melodies, old school electro beats, vocal snapshots, dreamtronica, atmospheric drones, shoegazing, delayed guitar lines and abstract sounds.

Formed in the Summer of 1999 by Jonny and Tom in South East London.The duo had widely different backgrounds with Jonny’s main interest in experimenting with acoustic instruments, and Tom pushing the envelope of electronic music. Early gigs consisted of special chaotic one off events, where like-minded bands met, collaborations were formed and relationship were forged that still feed into the Weevil sound today.

In 2000 Jonny and Tom set up Orphan Records. In 2001 they released their debut ep Fragile on Orphan and the first album Weevil [S/T] through WIAIWYA. They were pleased to find the album was Xfm and Rough Trade Album of the week. EMI contacted Weevil early in 2002 having heard the 7 inch and signed them to a publishing deal a few months later.

Pining for the country, having spent 10 years in London Jonny and Tom decided to return to their roots. Jonny headed to North Herts and Tom back to Yorkshire. A year later the second album Drunk on Light is finished, and is to be released by Wichita in 2004.

  • Artist: Weevil
  • Title: Drunk On Light
  • Label: Wichita
  • Release date: TBA
  • click to download CD cover
  • Track Listing:
    • Out Of Time
    • Half Smile
    • Too Long Sleeping
    • Silver Rails
    • Handburn
    • Splinters
    • Fragments
    • A Million Things
    • Bytecry
    • No End Soon
    • On Wires

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