I Could Have Saved Lots Of Money Had I Known About Promo Codes Before

Tuesday , 12, September 2017 Comments Off on I Could Have Saved Lots Of Money Had I Known About Promo Codes Before

I could have saved lots of money had I known about promo codes before. I had switched over to smoking electronic cigarettes a couple of years ago in the hope that they would help me prevent my health as well that of my family members too. I was aghast after reading about the harmful health effects caused by the toxic chemical compounds contained in cigarette smoke. In fact, 40 of the hundreds of these microscopic particulates of the chemical compound were carcinogenic in nature. This implies that they could cause cancer to me and my loved ones. It was at the same time that I also read about electronic cigarettes. I knew that my addiction to cigarette was due to a chemical called nicotine, which was also present in the vapors released by e-cigs.

Lost money by purchasing worthless gadgets
As I was a total newbie to electronic cigarettes at that time, I did not bother to study a lot about them and purchased the cheapest version I could find on the net. Instead of providing me with the satisfaction assured, the vapors released by these cheap imported models left an unpleasant taste in my mount. I was horrified one day when the gadget busted into flames while I was recharging it. On inquiring, my friend, a seasoned smoker of e-cigs explained that I should consider myself lucky that the gadget did not blast when I was smoking it; else, it could have caused serious injuries to my face and might have lead to my death too. He explained that I should play safe from now on and purchase branded e-cigs and their accessories manufactured by American companies and other leading worldwide companies. I argued that the cost of these locally manufactured gadgets and their accessories cost much more than those of the imported stuff.

Promo codes to the help
My friend suggested that I should try to use promo codes to decrease the total cost of purchasing e-cigs etc manufactured by reputable brands. Although I have used such codes for my online grocery purchases, I had no idea that such codes existed for e-cigs too. Thanks to my friend, I first started searching online for the best brands of electronic cigs and accessories. After searching for some days I found that Vapeworld and Direct Vapor were the two of the best sites selling electronic cigarette and related products. I now started searching online for websites that offered promo codes for Vapeworld as well as other coupon websites. Although there were many online portals that offered discount coupons for these sites, I did not like most of them, since the coupons and codes provided by them seemed to be invalid as they did not work while I tried to apply them during the checkout period with the statement `invalid code.’

After searching a few more sites and testing the coupons and promo codes offered by them, I stumbled across a couple of websites that offered verified promo codes for Vaporworld as well as a couple of Direct Vapor coupon website whose codes worked on the two sites promoting and selling electronic cigarettes. I was surprised by the discounts I could avail of by using these codes. In fact, I could save nearly 25% of my monthly expenses on recurring requirements like e-liquids. The best part of these portals was that they provided accurate information about the authenticity of the codes. They also carried a line below the code stating when it had been last tested and whether the code was active. The number of `thumbs up’ and `thumbs down’ also allowed me to gain more information about the quality of the product being promoted through those coupons.

My eyes nearly popped out when I saw a coupon that offered 25% site wide discounts. As Vapeworld and Direct Vapor had a discount section, in which the goods were available at discounted prices, I could purchase this equipment and accessories and avail extra discount by applying the site wide codes and promo coupons. In fact, I got an awesome deal while purchasing e-juice. Direct Vapor was offering one bottle of e-juice free for every three bottles purchased; I gained an immediate discount of 25% on the site. By using the 25% site wide discount coupon available on the Direct Vapor coupon website, I availed of a further 25% discount. It was like getting four bottles of e-liquid for the price of two.