Finding The Best Coupons

Tuesday , 12, September 2017 Comments Off on Finding The Best Coupons

Most shoppers are willing to use coupons for a better price on products they like. Many do not realize how easy it is to locate them, however. Check out the tips below to take your coupon finding to the next level!

1. Acquire Multiple Newspapers

Newspapers are among the most reliable sources of coupons available, but they are frequently not utilized to their fullest potential. Many vendors are willing to give away unsold papers after the next one comes out, so ask if you can have some. If you can’t get any freebies, consider purchasing multiple subscriptions to newspapers with the best coupons.

You usually cannot use multiples of the same coupon in one transaction, but this rule is easy to circumvent with additional shopping trips or taking family members to complete additional orders.

2. Visit Your Favorite Brands Online

Nearly every company has its own website these days, and many offer coupons and promo codes to entice you to visit them. Manufacturers such as Hefty offer coupons to get you to choose them over other brands, while retailers such as Safeway allow you to activate digital coupons through their rewards programs. Digital retailers frequently offer promo codes somewhere on their web page, generally for free shipping or whatever new service they have available. Be sure to check such sites thoroughly before paying full price.

Following a company on social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook is another great way to get promo codes directly from a company. Many offer coupons unavailable anywhere else to increase their social media traffic, and you may even get the occasional freebie!

3. Visit Third Party Discount Sites

Once you’ve scoured a particular brand for promotions, you may be able to find additional offers on third-party sites such as and You will likely find plenty of duplicate promo codes if you do your own research, but some discount sites offer cash back programs that make it beneficial to go through them anyway.

Coupon matchup sites are also powerful tools to help you save money. These sites are typically dedicated to a specific retailer, such as Publix or King Kullen. They link to their store’s weekly ad and provide links to coupons that compliment it, taking a lot of time-consuming research out of the equation. The best way to find one is an internet search for “store name coupon match up.”

Third party sites make every effort to ensure that their promotions are valid, but dead offers sometimes slip through the cracks. Therefore, you should always double-check anything you find on them before blindly expecting them to work. Pay special attention to the geographic area, product sizes, expiration dates, and how many times a coupon may be used, as these are the most likely sticking points.

4. Use A Second Computer

Most digital offers may only be printed a certain number of times before disappearing, creating a sense of urgency to use the coupon before somebody else does. They are also limited to one coupon per user in an effort to spread the promotion to as many shoppers as possible.

This latter point can be circumvented by using a second computer. Most discount sites distinguish users from the devices they use, an algorithm you can exploit by borrowing a friend’s device, using a public computer, or simply owning more than one internet capable machine. Other discount sites require a unique email address to access coupons, another requirement that is easy to meet considering that Gmail, Yahoo!, and Hotmail all offer free email accounts.

5. Download Rebate Apps

Apps such as Ibotta and Checkout51 may call the savings they offer “rebates,” but they work more like digital coupons than anything else. You simply activate offers by clicking them in the app and purchase the required items at a participating retailer. You then verify your purchase by either uploading a photo of your receipt through the app or linking your store membership card to your app profile. Your refund is placed in an account that you can withdraw from after meeting a certain threshold, a methodology similar to the cash back programs offered by sites such as RedPlum.

Using these tips, it is likely that you will have more coupons than you ever did before. If the sheer quantity gets overwhelming, you should consider focusing on your favorite sources until you adjust to the increased volume. You should also find some way to organize your coupons so that you know what you have and when they all expire.